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I never realized how much music played a role in my life until a friend gave me a tiny speaker a couple of years ago. It was a bluetooth speaker and I had no idea how to use it. My teenage daughter showed me and soon I was free to pick and chose all types of songs. Learning and remembering lyrics to songs is something that came very easily to me . I can rattle off Sinatra , Joy Division , Cold Play or Pavarotti  with no thought. I suppose it's a hidden talent . One that would serve me at a karaoke competitions or if "name that tune" came back on tv.... When I started to get into photography I was drawn to the street musicians and used the excuse of my camera to just observe and listen. This photograph was taken under City Hall in Philadelphia. The Title:" In The Pocket"

In the pocket is a jazz term used to describe when two or more people play musical instruments together , with or without a vocal accompaniment and are PERFECTLY on-beat, never missing a note or going off tempo.

I sat there before I took this photo listening to the people going by, the cars on the streets and the beautiful sound of the sax. They all jived together perfectly without missing a note.

That was an In The Pocket Moment for me and it is forever captured here in this photograph.


Katie Bridget